In 1939, Isaac Newton Robinson, known to most by Newt Robinson, built the mill where Robinson Farms Feed Company resides today.  He maintained over 600 acres of alfalfa at all times to assure a constant supply for the mill.  Newt had both foreign and domestic customers that included horse and cattle breeders; dairymen; riding stables; and race horse people. We continue today to provide our customers with a variety of local hays and feeds. Robinson Farms Feed Company prides itself on great quality and outstanding customer service.  Robinson Farm Feed Co. is a family run business that still believes in good morals, hard work, and quality local products!  We  are located on Robert's Island at 7000 S. Inland Dr. Stockton, CA.  Please stop by and pay us a visit!  

What customers are saying:

Lenore A. writes: "Lovely farm hidden in whats left of the agricultural area of Stockton. All hay is sold by the ton and is exceptional quality year round, so you're getting exactly what you pay for. Grain, poultry and dog food are sold here.